Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terms of service

  1. I reserve the right to decline your request without stating my reasons. 
  2. I reserve the right to include your image in a portfolio or my website. If you'd like the image to remain private, please let me know beforehand.
  3. I retain all copyrights on an image once it is completed. This includes rights to resell prints and other merchandise. If you wish to purchase an image's rights from me, please discuss with me beforehand. 
  4. Payment by Paypal only. Concealed cash just doesn't work, as I live in Australia. If you're in Australia too, I do accept bank transfer.
  5. If your order is under $10, please send the payment as a gift.
  6. All prices are in USD unless stated otherwise.
  7. I will only begin work once payment in full has been cleared. Exceptions can be made in special situations, so please ask first.
  8. I will ask for your Paypal email address and send you an invoice. Please do not send payment before that.
  9. You can post the image in your own gallery as long as you link back to my FA page or Tumblr. 
  10. The sketch approval stage will not be included in anything below $20. If changes need to be made, they will be entertained on a case by case basis. (see point 11.)
  11. I will accept a maximum of 3 changes made to your image, if you're not satisfied. More than 3 and it will be $0.50 per change you need.
  12. Once the image has been inked and coloured, I will only entertain changes on a case by case basis. If changes need to be made due to human error (forgotten markings or accessories), these will be added free of charge. If changes need to be made due to an oversight because of the description, it will be an extra $5 as I will need to redo the lineart.